Are Your Poker Hands Controlled By The Online Casinos

Online player’s hands with laptop and stack of chips all around on green table top view, he is typing on the keyboard

There are a lot of poker players out there that stated the fact that playing poker at online casinos is not such a good idea as the poker hands can be manipulated by the website. Some players even believe their poker hands are affected because their accounts are flagged by these websites. But this is not an absurd statement and there is some truth behind the fact that their hands are being manipulated by the online casinos.

There is absolutely no doubt that at some point in your poker experience you have witnessed some unbelievable situations like extremely bad beats and possibly one-outers on the river. Sometimes one asks himself how is it possible that these things can happen so often in a game played at the online casinos that should be random. But this is what they want you to believe and as a matter of fact, the randomness of the game is not guaranteed while playing in an online casino.

To affect your poker hands while playing at online casinos, the website owners have introduced some special algorithms in their games so that bots will never have a chance of getting some cash off the site. This is like the foundation of controlling poker hands online. This measure has also been taken to get rid of cheaters and colluders who were getting the games dominated and thus eliminating the participation of other players, which would facilitate an increase in the population of the poker community.

A lot of poker players at the online casinos have complained about this problem and the websites that incorporated such algorithms have apologized and stated that the reason behind their decisions is to facilitate fair play. Even though this may be true to a certain extent, players that lose poker hands because of this are very frustrated, for they can lose some great chances of winning a lot of money, which is not too much good news to anyone.

If you want to know which are the websites and online casinos that you will be safe to play at, then you should take some time and delve into the online community forums, looking for the info there. Many experienced players from around the world will post there and you can pop them the question.

If you want to have great chances of winning the money that you think you deserve, then make sure to look out for online casinos that are popular for having high earnings and stacking up a lot of chances for great wins. As a tip, you can get to play at the newly opened online casinos and you will certainly have a good hand there. If you are a newbie in regards to online poker, starting with slots games can be a good choice.

In a conclusion, the poker websites control poker hands and the game’s action, which makes the term “random” have no meaning in the context of the software’s capabilities, as poker hands are controlled.