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WOOD Christiane Castroville


I am looking to find the man who forget his jacket on Christmas evening at the Sammy restaurant in Castroville Texas . I find the name of Alm Tracht inside ; You can reach me by email or call me at 1 830 931 2062 , I speak : french , english , alsatian , and german !.... Sincerely , CW

Canada, Chateauguay

Honest and fair seller! I would deal with, again.

Rosemarie dirndl-dress
Vienna, Austria

Johanna Rappel is a famous maker from Bavaria, and your dress could be an original dress. Just send me a picture to:!

Washington state

such beautiful garmets!!I have a dirndl or at least i think it is that was left to me from my mother.She wore it in germany in the 40's i believe.It is from a maker with the name of Johanna Rappel.Is it german or is it other?It is a beautiful dress green ,gold buttons, full skirt,and white lace blouse.does any one have info that they could relay to me??I do so want to know!Thanks You..Susan...


This is a wonderful site - with wonderful, friendly service. I always enjoy coming back to my "roots" and finding something special. Thank you!

Vienna, Austria

Hi All! If you are coming to Vienna to 'don' your Dirndl-Dress outfit and would like to stay in an authentic Vienna apartment, check out Vienna vacation rental. It is an affordable studio apartment in a Jugendstil building!

Jefferson, Wisconsin

The little German romper I bought from you arrived and I delivered it last night. The little guy who will wear this is a miracle baby and spent the first 6 weeks at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin because his diaphragm was not fully developed. He is now home and healthy and was able to be with his family at Jefferson's Gemuetlichkeit Days 35th celebration. His mother was so excited when she saw this gift that she put him in it and it fits perfectly! Ryan has 2 older brothers ages 5 & 4 who will be dressed in the German attire for our festival and now Ryan can be in the contest too. Thanks again for putting such a rare find up on the Internet. You've made this first festival for Ryan and his family very special.


Hallo - alle, die es interssiert: Rosemarie hat sich auch dem gesunden Leben verschrieben: Siehe HIER

Dawn Brush
Merritt Island, Florida

Thank you Rosemarie for all your help. The jacket is beautiful. Thank you for your quick response to my email questions. I will definately shop with you again.

Sunny California

The dress was absolutely perfect. It fit perfectly and I recieved it several days before the Oktoberfest party. Thank you for all your help, I know I will continue to shop at your store. Your customer service was above and beyond most of my experiences on Ebay. Danke!


Hallo! Schöne Seite, eines müßt ihr aber unbedingt ändern!!!. Loferl sind doch keine \"lange Strümpfe\"!!!!! Loferl sind zweigeteilte Strümpfe, bestehend aus dem Söckling und dem Wandenstrumpf .... Ois guade!


Hi Rosemarie, I just received my dirndl! It fits perfectly and my husband is in awe ;) If you ever happen to come to Bermuda island, I suggest you check out!

Karen Doherty
Spokane, WA

I\'m looking for a split shoulder (split sleeve) dirndl blouse... can you refer me to anywhere on-line that I can find such a thing? Thanks --

Teresa Loupe Bowman
Albany, LA, USA

I\'d like to ask if you make a dirndl dress in petite size. I go by petite 8, 35 bust, 17 waist (from highest point of shoulders to waist) and 29 waistline. I\'m 5\'2\', so the skirt would have to be no longer than 27 inches from the waistline. You can reply to NO RUSH, OK? I know that I\'ll never make it for Oktoberfest here in Louisiana (Oktober 8-10). Thanks!!!

Glendale, CA

Do you have any dirndl dresses for baby girls size 28 months or 2T? I would love to have her wear one to the Oktoberfest in my town! Please e-mail me at Thank you!


Today I visited the new store with Viennese lovely items Vintage-Vienna! I found a few very nice presents for my oktoberfest host! Check it out:


Man glaubt es kaum, aber die Lederhosen von Dirndl-Dress waren billiger und mindestens genauso gut, wenn nicht besser verarbeitet, als wenn ich sie hier in Bayern gekauft hätte!


I just received my boiled wool Geiger jacket - it is sooo beautiful, but what I liked best is Rosemarie\'s service and PRICE!!!

Patrick B.

I LOVE LEDERHOSEN!!!! und dirndl erst.....vorallem wenn sie prall sind....!


I wore the boiled wool sweater I bought from you without another garment outside this morning at minus 14 C. and stayed warm. Thanks so much!!!


What a pleasure it is to wear these quality clothes! They are comfortable and good-looking. They come so nicely wrapped too! So many people, friends as well as strangers, have given their compliments. The service and communication is outstanding!! Superb lady! Thanks for the opportunity to have these beautiful clothes and accessories! Good work, Rosemarie!!



I got such a touching email from Ann (California)about an edelweiss pendant I sold to her a few weeks ago, and I want to share with you:\"I have already given it to my 85 year old mother for a Christmas gift. My mother was born in the Italian Alps, just south of the German-speaking part of Italy. My mother emigrated to the USA in 1926 and never returned to her homeland until she was 82 years old. The entire time she looked for a piece of edelweiss jewelry. We returned to the states empty handed. She is now battling terminal cancer and is blind from macular degeneration. The one thing we wanted to get her was a edelweiss piece of jewelry that she would be able to see using a magnifying lens. When we saw your pendant, we were so excited that we bought it immediately. It now hangs on her magnifying lens over her hospital bed. Thank you for making our last holiday with our mother a bit more meaningful and memorable.\"I think one of the best things about selling on ebay is participating in bringing someone together with a precious object/memory from their past.


bien mais il devrait avoir une traduction en français...


The Dirndl arrived in the most beautiful condition, safe and sound. And, it fits like a glove. Let me just say that the craftsmanship(womanship) is of excellent quality, making this outfit an instant heirloom. I felt so proud to be wearing such a beautiful historic dress.

Mark Lopez
Arvada, CO USA

I am looking for Leiderhosen, shirt and hat. I can only find the hat on e-Bay can you help me? My e-mail address is


My aunt from Germany arrived last week and my son wore the complete lederhosen outfit I have got from dirndl-dress, hat & all, to the airport to greet her! He looked so cute, and was so proud to wear it (he\'s only 5 and still likes to dress up for an occassion). Tante was so surprised to see him, it was a great welcoming for her! He was a hit with the other tourists, as well. Thank you so much!


Thanks for helping me to find a dirndl in size 22! We are going to the Wurstfest here in New Braunfels Texas. Can\'t wait to see my lovely bride in your Dirndl!

Liz Wilson
Los Altos Hills, CA

This was my first e-bay purchase and it couldn\'t have been better. You graciously responded immediately to my e-mailed questions and shipped as quickly as promised. My dirndls arrived in 7 days and fit perfectly, due to your accuracy!


I am absolutely thrilled! My lederhosen and all the other goodies I ordered arrived today and I am so happy with them! As I write this, I am wearing the lederhosen, the blouse, and the hat. They are all so wonderful! I can\'t believe how much I have fallen in love with these German/Austrian clothes. They are ME! Thank you so much for offering these for sale, I wish my budget was big enough to buy everything.


Karl, sizes are always different this is the reason why we measure carefully and ask to compare with a piece you have. It is true that some style of men\'s trachten clothing is very tight, esp. the jackets. I am glad to hear that you can re-sell the suit, and I will certainly notify you when another one comes in that might fit better! Please, come back to us!

Karl R Cole
Buffalo New York

I bought a german tracten suit from you in July.It seems the germans wear their clothes tight. The suit I bought was my size but when I recieved it the coat is to small. I am not worried about losing money because I can sell it here but can you tell me if you have a suit size 44 reg and with a 38 inch waist.RegardsKARL HOME EMAIL IS


What began as a wish to replace a single long-lost dirndl has now blossomed into wanting a whole wardrobe of these wonderful outfits. They're so feminine and fun! I've also purchased several skirts and blouses that are like no others I've ever seen. The materials and workmanship are fabulous, the detailing is unbelievable, and the styles are timeless. Rosemarie HAS the best, and IS the best!!!

Kellie Davis
Wasilla, Alaska

With my seven children and my penchant for dressing up in Trachten for Christmas pictures, I get a lot of good-natured harassment when I take my family out to eat after we get the photos taken, but most of all I get asked where we got these high quality outfits. I have been a regular customer for two years and never had a problem!


WANTED/ Geiger white wool with Currier/Ives victorian carriages print skirt. prefer large but mainly interested in material. Vintage piece,as not been able to find. thank you Contact Gloria Gloria

Greenwich, Ct.

Rosemarie!!!!!!!!What a wonderful new site. Been shopping here for 3 years. Such great service and a gracious lady in charge!While i do not wear full dirndl outfits or trachten, I love the way specific pieces blend with American country clothes from Polo and Orvis. This is class dressing at it's best and for a moderate price!

Deb Krauss Smith
Monroe, Wisconsin

Rosemarie, what a wonderful new website! Congratulations and best wishes for continued success. You provide us Germanic-hearted \"Auslaenders\" with a wonderful service!

Westwood, MA

Miederlady's ensembles make you beautiful and charming. The dirndl suit I bought from her is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces.

Ritta Rodriguez
Irving, Texas

WOW! What a BUY....This was my first buy from Miederlady and I could not be HAPPIER. She gives Customer service a new name.The package came faster then I thought. The Dirndl is even more beautiful then the picture and in EXCELLENT condition. She gives superb service and VERY friendly Emails. I wish all my eBay transactions would be this pleasant. Thank You Rosemarie!

Boston, MA

I bought my original dirndl (incl apron and blouse) about 33 years ago for $50. I looked at some online prices recently shock! and had a friend who went to Vienna last year look into the shops even more shocked!. So I am glad to be able to buy at miedelady!

Mary Th.
Surrey, BC, Canada

War immer sehr zufrieden mit der Qualitaet der Waren und dem prompten Versand!

Gail A.

Miederlady offers very reasonably priced, but wonderful ethnic clothing of great quality. I also appreciate the friendly emails and quick answers to any questions I have had in the past.

Dianne Klee
Rhode Island

I have bought many things from you for my husband and some shoes for myself and we love the quality and customer service you provide! I look forward to hopefully purchasing more from you this summer.

Fairfield, OHIO

My wife and I enjoy traditional trachten clothing of all types. I travel to Deutschland ~ 5-6 times per year and often shop for my wife. I am familiar with the European prices which on occasion can seem quite high, even with consideration for the quality. We appreciate the opportunity to purchase good quality trachten for a reasonable price.

Alice Claus
Bath, Ohio

Wonderful dirndl - fits great, in great condition. Carefully wrapped and shipped, arrived in 7 days! Miederlady was wonderful to deal with! :)

Lincoln, ME

The dirndl is AMAZING. I already left feedback at ebay, but there just isn't enaough space to express how great this dress is! The quality of the workmanship - you just don't see that here!! Rosemarie, thank you again for a wonderful transaction!


I am a repeat customer and I find the services to be excellent. miederlady cares about her customers.

Michael Fischer
New York City
04/14/03 is really great! I got all my winter sweaters and cardigans from Miederlady! If you are interested in having a portrait painted of yourself or your family in (or out of) Dirndl, please visit my website Family Portrait!

Mary Martin

I LOVE my purchase! What a bargain and such quality merchandise. This is a definite bookmark for my computer!

Onalaska, WI

Everything I get from her is Great!! Fast service and good quality items.

Patricia Davis
Long Island

Wonderful clothing and white Glove packaging & service! THE place to shop on Ebay!

Bettie Mueller
Greenwich, Connecticut

The unique dirndls I bought from you match the highest quality of anything I have in my wardrobe. You have been very helpful and from start to finish it is a pleasure to shop your wonderful site!


Knowing how hideously expensive new dirndls can be, especially in larger sizes, I had despaired of ever being able to afford one. But thanks to Miederlady, I now have several stunning outfits, and am looking forward to buying more. Thank you so much!!! :-)))

Kellie Couls
Wasilla, Alaska

I only buy dirndls from you! If it weren't for money, I'd be in nothing but dirndls! (I love how they fit. I was German in my last lifetime!)

Staunton, Virginia

I think you do a wonderful job of providing outstanding service! I have enjoyed buying from you for two years. They have always been beautiful quality clothing that fit well. I have enjoyed wearing them, and have received many compliments on them. Thank you!

Elisabeth Strasser
Duane, New Jersey

You guys outdid yourselves! Even though you scared me a little bit with the long shipping expectations, the items were here in 10 days! I am so happy! And finally I can convince my husband that Geiger is worth the money :) Keep up the good work!

Norma Ray

What a great experience to buy from Miederlady! The dirndl is beautiful and what a price!! That kind of quality in a Second Hand Dirndl

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