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Lodenfrey - THE ORIGINAL Loden Maker

Lodenfrey coats and suits for Men and Women in original high quality - directly from Munich, GermanyLodenfrey Suit Label .
The foundation of the family run factory Lodenfrey dates back more than 150 years.
In 1842 Johann Georg Frey started a weaving mill in Munich. They improved the loden cloth and helped it to a worldwide success due to the development of truly water repellent loden.
In the 1930's Lodenfrey started to manufacture clothing, mainly loden coat for men. When Lodenfrey Austria was founded in the 1950's they started with the production of ladies' coats.
Meanwhile Lodenfrey is also famous for its suits for men and women, from the business suit in trachten style to the wedding suit for the dirndl wedding. Also famous for sport coats and casual wear, often combined with leather and always of highest quality!

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